Live care for your skin

Our probiotic cosmetics is based on beneficial bacteria naturally living on the skin. They have the power to equilibrate and recover your skin during disorders such as acne or eczema.

How our skin works

Our body is host of a complex and rich bacterial community called microbiome. The human microbiome mainly resides on the surface and in deep layers of the skin, in the mouth, and in the digestive tracts. In fact, bacteria in our body outnumber the human cells by ten times. Over the last years, it has been demonstrated that the human microbiome plays a fundamental role in our health and disease. The development of next generation sequencing technologies allows the study of these communities with a unique depth and resolution. This knowledge enables us to much better understand many skin problems and gives us a powerful means to recover the natural skin state.


Billion of good & bad
bacteria live on our skin


Grams of our body is
taken up by micro organisms


Percent of our immune system
is built by good bacteria

Probiotic cosmetics

We transfer the concept of probiotics common in the food and health care industry into skin care.
We design our products using the latest advances in microbiology and dermatology. Using our technology, beneficial bacteria have been selected and combined to generate products that restore the equilibrium on your skin.

Our first product for acne skin recovery is in development and we will keep you updated as soon as pre-ordering is open.

The team

Meet our team of technology and business professionals

Veronika Oudova CEO

Veronika has business and management background with over eight years of industry experience including biotech and healthcare.

Bernhard Paetzold CSO

Berni is responsible for the product development. During his PhD he has worked on development of bacteria as living drugs. Berni knows all about possibilities and opportunities that are connected to bacteria used as medication

Marc Güell Technology

Marc is responsible for high-throughput sequencing and bacteria selection methods. His expertise lies in synthetic biology and biological technologies development such as genome analysis, genome synthesis, and CRISPR gene editing.